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Shakti (power) TO Shakti (women)

About us

Kindling the flame of strength in rural women

In Mathura, Lohvan and Gossna are two villages where women and young girls are taking steps towards a better quality of life. Atulyagram, a flagship corporate social responsibility programme of HMVL Media in these villages aims at empowering the women from the rural communities Mathura.

Anu in frame, is one of the leading women in the village

Everyone deserves a good life; so here’s one chosen by these women to provide for themselves and help their families break free from social shackles and the cycle of poverty. So, we went to their village and set up a state-of-the-art production and training centre where these women could have easy access to income generation activity while enjoying the same in those 4 hours when they step out of their homes.

Last year, a business model had been set up for the women by KADAM after training, in which they had executed an order of 5000 utility bags; this gave them a sense of pride and more confidence in their skill; and we are proud to say that 86 women have completed training and received a certificate. The women are taught to stitch bags, make accessories from fabric left overs and stich school uniforms.

Armed with basic amenities such as RO purified water and green solar lighting, these 2 villages even have the WASH programme that ensures that proper sanitation levels are being maintained in the villages. English speaking classes and computer training is offered to the girls of the village. The women and girls are encouraged to play sports and games; kho-kho and kabaddi being the most popular.